Simon IP66

Waterproof floor box for indoor and outdoor

IP66 Floor Box - Simon K45

IP66 waterproof rated

Hard and raised floor options

point load performance

Power, voice and data in a single box

Simon IP66

Protection suitable for all environments

Whether Indoors or Outdoors, the SIMON IP66 floor box is an ideal solution for high traffic open areas that require convenient and safe “pop-up” occasional power.


When closed, the floor outlet provides IP66 protection and when in use IP20.

You will find SIMON IP66 floor boxes installed here:
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Shopping centers
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The SIMON IP66 floor box is suitable for a wide range of installation applications

(Retail stores/ Malls /Department Stores/ Convention Centers/ Museums / Terraces / Hotels/ Residential/ Airports/ Health Centers/ Car showrooms)


Hard floor and raised floor installation options

Power sockets and data options

Available in stainless steel and brass

Waterproof protection

Security Opening / Manual Opening


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Unique Features
IP66 Protection

Sockets sealed against water, dirt and dust.

Maximum Resistance

When in use, the floor box lid is designed to protect the plug and cable from being crushed.

When closed the SIMON IP66 floor box will withstand a 1000Kg point load.

Different socket options

Schuko, UK 13 and 5 amp, and other international sockets available.

Wide range of data and multimedia sockets.

Installation Options:

The SIMON IP66 floor box can be installed in both concrete and raised floors.

In concrete floor installations, the outlet sits flush with the surrounding finishes.

In a raised floor installation, the surround trim supports the outlet and conceals the cut edge of the supporting floor.

Hinged Lid

The specially designed lid will always fall to a closed position.

When in use, the lid is securely held in a partially opened position protecting cable and socket.

Simon IP66
Protective film

The surface finish of the SIMON IP66 floor box is protected with a removeable film preventing it form being dirtied or damaged during installation.

Possibilities to suit any of your needs
I need to install more than one socket in a concrete floor. Can I group multiple floor boxes together?

If you have to install more than one socket in a concrete floor, the ACSE accessory lets you link IP66 floor boxes on any side.

The IP66 floor box can be supplied by a power socket and voice and data connectors. Can other functions be installed?

It is possible to install most functions in the Simon K45 range in the watertight IP66 floor box. To do so, you just need to acquire the article number of the empty floor box, the tray (suitable for the type of floor installed) and the desired function from the K45 range.

What depth of floor is needed to be able to install the IP66 floor box?

The IP66 floor box requires a floor that is 69 mm deep. To install it in a deeper floor, a lifter can be used to obtain the required depth.

If I open the cover of the watertight IP66 floor box, can the cover remain open?

The cover of the IP66 floor box has a design that keeps the cover from remaining open, in order to avoid possible accidents. As soon as you remove your hand from the cover,
gravity causes it to close and latch on to the base of the floor box, protecting the plug and cabling from being stepped on.

If the cover of the floor box breaks, will I have to replace the entire box?

The cover of the floor box (and other components) are offered as replacement parts, and therefore it would not be necessary to replace the entire box.

If the floor box must open in a particular direction, should this be taken into account when the tray is installed?

Yes, since the tray for the floor box has a fluid reservoir to prevent any spilled liquids from reaching the active parts, so the direction of the tray must be based on the required opening direction.